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london sky view

I had a chance to fly to London city airport from Geneva on a sunny afternoon. Here are a few shots from the airplane. London is indeed a very green city. The city center is densely packed, incredibly sustaining its diverse mixture of architectural styles. You can also compare these views with those shot on the way to Seoul’s city airport.

Over St. Paul’s and City of London. Barbican is partially shown (on the right with two tall towers) – an area that I am considering to get a flat in.


london view 5

london view 4

london view 3

Impressive arrays of houses, which are all identical.

london view 2

london view 1

a view from swissotel beijing

a view from swissotel beijing
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construction work is everywhere in beijing – more so due to the

olympics. didnt realize the pollution was so bad in my previous visit

during the cold winter. this time, somehow i could feel it in the food

as well. perhaps i am too sensitive, but most food ingredients seem to

have little taste. not to mention that breathing was difficult. this

made my stay quite uncomfortable. it was scary to imagine how far the

influence of pollution would go.

fujiyama experience report coming soon

fujiyama experience report coming soon
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Done. The experience will be still vividly in my memory as long as the muscle ache on the legs when going downhill will remind me of it- or even longer. My original plan was to real-time post along my journey, but the network connection at the mountain was very sporadic and unstable. The symbolic meaning of climbing to the summit of this particular mountain was less than my personal account on the overnight + under the rain hiking experience. I hope to compile something about it this week.