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personalized birthday message getting done

personalized birthday message getting done
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i told the shop i want the cake that she was about to finish up.

then i was given a postit note to write down the birthday message, and

asked the age of the b-day person and the time it would take to carry

the cake. very systematic service. the greeting i wrote didn’t have

the name of the b-day person so i was asked to revise my writing.

then the note was passed onto the patisserie and got written on a

small marzipan plate with chocolate.

personalized food

personalized food
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theres a big shelf with full of ingredients

you are given a red basket to choose what you want

then give the basket to this guy

he boils all the ingredients (in an appropriate order)

you get a bowl with everything in a soup.

like mongolian barbecue

like hotpot (shabushabu)

i wish this type of restaurants exist in tokyo!