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cafe rio – breakfast in salo

cafe rio – breakfast in salo
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we took a refuge at the salo station building. the old wooden one. the

lifeline – the phone number for salo taxi call center – was working so

we managed to get a taxi to get out of the station area in the


we were so cold and hungry that we asked the taxi driver to find us a

breakfast place. he dropped us off at this wonderful and wonderfully

cute diner “cafe rio” and said he wouldnt charge us.

the cafe started to serve breakfast only two weeks ago. the locals who

could not hide the fact that they were staring at us – two asian girls

appearing in the very early morning in salo – made us smile and felt

comfortable staring back at them.

first train to salo (5:46am)

first train to salo (5:46am)
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we were supposed to stay overnight at wiurila manor near salo, but

gave up on that idea as we got so tired. so we took the very first

train to salo from helsinki.

the train was rather empty and destined for turku. most passsengers

were sleeping and (probably) therefore no announcements about the

stops were given.

we almost missed our stop at salo as we were the only people getting

off. we were welcomed by the pitch black, frozen/freezing, and totally

empty Salo station.