My name [ younghee ] means ‘long happiness’ in korean.
You can contact me through jung [at] younghee.com or @jabberer

I am an accomplished expert in design research and innovation, being particularly fond of early phase of product development and exploratory research in any new domain. Since the beginning of 2015, I have been working independently, leaving my 16 years of experience working in in-house design teams and research centres of global corporations behind, which includes Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, and IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre.

I have rich domain knowledge in mobile and internet-mediated interactions and mobile industry, but I am keen to expand my horizon by collaborating and working on broader topics of innovation. Having been leaders of various multidisciplinary or design teams as well as numerous large-scale international projects, I am proficient in designing and leading various types of workshops for innovation, co-creation, exploratory research, or team building. I also have an extensive experience working in developing countries, and am looking to work with inspiring organisations on design or research projects to better the conditions of people’s livelihood.

I am currently based in east London, leaving Bangalore, Tokyo, Helsinki, Redwood city, White plains, Pittsburgh, Seoul, Daejon, and Busan behind as my past home. I first left my home country, South Korea in 1998 for studying interaction design as Fulbright scholar. I studied industrial design in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), then interaction design in Carnegie Mellon University. Since then, I have lived a life of a global nomad lucky enough to live, work, and travel to different places and meet a huge variety of people and lifestyle.

Here is a glimpse of what i have done / where i have been:

Open for Open Questions : Reflections on User Research
Invited talk at UX London conference in London, 2014
Slideshare link

What Designers Can Do for People : Indian Mobile Text Input Case Study
Invited talk at What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam, 2012
Video recording of the talk

Solving the Great Indian Text Input Puzzle: Touch screen-based Mobile Text Input Design
Y.Jung, D.Joshi, V.Narayanan-Saroja, D.P.Desai in proceedings of Mobile HCI 2011
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (9MB)

No title – a Keynote Speech at Industrial Design Summit, November 2010, Cannes, France
Closed event, please note that the page requires login of registered members

Unfamiliar Familiarity, Familiar Unfamiliarity: Design Thinking Transformation in Asian Context
A long talk at Design Thinking Symposium, Singapore, November 2010
Note: This talk is extra long. Some part of the talk was cut in the video as per the policy of the host institute (National Library of Singapore)

Design for the Neglected, a talk given at NEXT 2010
Nordic Exceptional Trendshop 2010, Aarhus, September 2010, hosted by Innovation Lab Denmark

Nokia Open Studio at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in NYC, USA
National Design Triennial: Why Design Now?
Interview with Nokia Conversations

Interview quotes with Economists: Please note the conclusion of these articles do not reflect my personal view. I was interviewed for specific topics, which became part of the articles.
Mobile Phone Culture: Apparatgeist Calls (September 2009)
A special report on television: An Emergency Screen (April 2010)

Essay: My favorite Nokia Devices
On Nokia Conversations

Designing Gestural Interaction for Mobile Technology
Nokia Conversations Article
Video of the research snapshot

Nokia Open Studio – Exploring an Exploratory Design Research Method
A report reflecting on Open Studio as a design research method, published online November 2008
Direct PDF download (9.7MB)
Link to slideshare download

Future Urban
Presentation material at Nokia Design London studio launch, April 29, 2008 (Slideshare)
Businessweek article on Nokia Open Studio by Kerry Capell
Sketches from Nokia Open Studio, a slideshow hosted by Businessweek

Story telling: How to engage people to be story tellers
Invited talk at GRID08 conference for Bonnier group, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2008
Online video link

Magazine Interview: Designing Gadgets for Women, Laptop Magazine, August 2008
Note: Yes, I did actually say “choosing a mobile phone is like choosing a boy friend”. It is based on the unpublished research work that was on the topic of ‘what women want from mobile technology’.

Designing for the evolution of mobile contacts application
Industrial case studies track at Mobile HCI 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2008
Direct PDF download (660kb)
Link to ACM Digital Library

Nokia Open Studio: Vision by Relevance, Design for Use
Invited presentation given at LIFT conference 2008, user experience session , Geneva, Switzerland, February 2008
Online video link

Mobile technology: 2012
Invited presentation given at The New Yorker conference / 2012 Stories from The Near Future, New York City, USA, May 2007
Online video link

Location Matters: How to look beyond what users say they want
Y.Jung, A.Anttila: In proceedings of CHI (Computer-Human Interaction Conference) 2007, San Jose, USA, April 2007
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (1.2MB)

Personal TV: a qualitative study on early Mobile TV users
Y. Cui, J.Chipchase, Y.Jung: In proceedings of Euro iTV
Slideshare presentation

Scent: Mobile Application as Catalyst of Social Interaction
Y.Jung, J.Blom, P.Persson: In proceedings of Mobile HCI 2006, Helsinki, Finland, September 2006
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (4MB)

Discovering Design Drivers for Mobile Media Solutions
A.Anttila, Y.Jung: In proceedings of CHI 2006, Montreal, Canada, April 2006
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (590kb)

Nokia Sensor: From Research to Product
P.Persson, Y.Jung: In proceedings of DUX (Designing User Experience) 2005, San Francisco, USA, November 2005
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (7.4MB)

DigiDress: A Field Trial of an Expressive Social Proximity Application
P.Persson, J.Blom, Y.Jung: In proceedings of Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo, Japan, September 2005
Link to Springerlink
Direct PDF download (1.9MB)

Mobile Social Computing: From Research to Product
Invited presentation given at the Graduate Seminar Course on People, Computers, and Design, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA, April 2005
Online video link

DeDe: Design and Evaluation of a Context-Enhanced Mobile Messaging System
Jung, Y., Persson, P., Blom, J.: In proceedings of CHI 2005, Portland, USA, 2005
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (684kb)

Self, Proximity, Social Interaction
Invited presentation given at Doors of Perception 8, New Delhi, India, March 2005

Fostering Interaction in Online Spaces
A. Lee, C. Danis, T.Miller, Y.Jung: In Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT’01), M. Hirose (ed.), IOS Press: Amsterdam, pp. 59-66, 2001
PDF download

Design of a Social Interaction Environment for Electronic Marketplaces
Y. Jung, A. Lee: In proceedings of DIS 2000 – Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, Techniques, ACM, pp. 129-136, 2000
Link to ACM Digital Library
Direct PDF download (604kb)

jung [at] younghee.com