Connecting : Film series on interaction and experience design

It’s at least 2 years late to post this, but now this seems to have become a series of films on interaction and experience design. I had the honour of being featured in the first film in the series on the topic of ‘future of interaction design’, together with other jury members of the first IxDA interaction awards in 2012.

What you see me saying in this film is:

– The term ‘interaction design’ implies that what we design as man-made objects or service frameworks are only complete when there are people who use them.

– The biggest challenge of interaction design is that you cannot necessarily foresee the consequences of your design when people adopt what you have designed to do or see something completely different than what you have created.

In my personal conversations with friends, I have always said that design thinking is somehow a trendy way to describe empathy. But the points I state in the film elaborate the reason why interaction designers exist as a profession. We, as human beings, do not want unpredictability and uncertainty. We as interaction designers try to direct the final ‘product’ of how users would make out of the thing that you design, in a way that fits the intent of the business owner as well as the norm of the society.

In 1997, when I was choosing the graduate school as Fulbright scholar – the term ‘Interaction Design’ was understood well at all: My parents thought it was something to do with computers (vaguely). Most designer and techy friends thought it had something to do with ‘interactive media’, designing animations and websites. 17 years onwards, it has come a long way. While this is not included in the film – this was my third point: I believe that the ideal future will see this profession disappearing, as it will become a required skill for everyone living the world made of mixed media, with multiple identities.

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