Guns allowed

I only learned a couple of months ago that there are two states in India where the sales of firearms are legal. I found it a bit uneasy. Coming from a country that is still technically at war, I wish other countries to be free from man-made weapons of any sort as much as possible: Destruction and protection are separate concepts only from a matter of perspective. I personally prefer living in a country where majority of citizens do not own firearm, as they do not need to. However I am aware that the sentiments around this topic certain vary a lot especially when it comes to connecting the ownership of firearms to power and personal freedom.

Gun shops lined up on one street I came across right outside of our hotel in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. At the local fair ground, the toy gun looked scarily realistic. I never touched a gun myself – except the plastic guns at arcade game centers. But holding a wooden toy gun and aiming at the colorful dolls and balloons is not my idea of an entertainment. Perhaps in the name of education, making you a more complete, independent and rounded individual.