Being prepared : Service mindset

Preparing small notes and changes often becomes the responsibility of consumers in India – based on what I have experienced so far, which is different mentality compared to Japan or Korea especially. If you only have 100 or 500 rupee notes, be prepared for delays in getting your changes back, or even the risk of not being able to buy what you want. I cannot yet find a pattern with which this happens. It just happens. I experienced it so far at: office canteen, food court at the flower show, street vendors, high-end grocery, or entrance fee to an exhibition. If this happens at general stores, I might be offered to buy more products that would fit the corresponding amount of the lacking change.

It so happened when we were driving to Tamil Nadu. One of the highway tollbooths gave a piece of chocolate instead of one rupee coin. It is a witty solution, but I consider it a misdirected effort: getting candies ready instead of one rupee coints. Other more fair and sustainable solutions are abound, however perhaps they might be just slightly out of reach to those who work at the tollbooths.

2 thoughts on “Being prepared : Service mindset

  1. 이덕형

    고등학교 동창 덕형이다. 기억나려나 몰라.
    한글 읽어지려나? 인코딩 안되면 상형문자로 보이겠군 ㅎㅎㅎ
    동전대신 초코렛… 첨 들어서 너무 놀랍고 신기하네
    사람 사는 세상이 이렇게도 다르다니 한국같으면 싸움날듯 …
    넌 정말 세계를 누비고 다니는 구나
    그저 홈피 보는 것만으로도 신기하고 즐겁네
    인도에서도 건강하길

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