The Unknown, The Untried : A tutorial on design research

In case you have not noticed, there is a conference on design research in Seoul from tomorrow, October 20th, 2009. The online registration is already closed, but if you happen to be in Seoul – the onsite registration is still possible.

I will be running a full-day tutorial on the exploratory design research, with a special focus on how to involve people in the process. I will approach it like a participatory workshop: I plan to use my past projects as a way to let participants think about designing the design research methods.

A full-day tutorial means 5-6 hours on Sunday, so it’s only for the really dedicated (and those who are free from the real-world chores on weekend).

But it will be good to see you there: this is a very rare chance for me to look back at and share the various projects over the last decade in depth with you. Your opinions and feedback will be of great inspiration to me.

Conference website:

4 thoughts on “The Unknown, The Untried : A tutorial on design research

  1. Jung

    Hi hi, it was nice meeting you at the Wooil’s opening party last Friday. It was fun night out with all those drinks and thanks for letting me bum your cigarette. ;) Stay in touch! -Jung from BnM Studio-

  2. Nurri

    Dang, it must have been so interested to hear from your perspective. Anywhere else that you’re planning to do this again in the future?

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