flexible sign board


Pictured is a truck covered with LED boards displaying ads on four sides (though one of them was experiencing a technical problem). It is an effective medium especially in cities where traffic jams are expected throughout the day. I can also see that it would be valuable for services that require on-the-spot advertising in context when/where people need it rather than relying on people to take the responsibility of remembering the brand or the phone number.



The service being advertised in the truck is offering a driver for taking you home in your car when you are drunk: You avoid drunk driving, and at the same time your car is back in your garage for your use the next morning. This is, again, a socially relevant service in a culture where involuntary and social drinking is prevalent.
With so much discussion on the ecologically sustainable solutions – flexible display infrastructure catches my attention nowadays.


Pictures taken in Seoul, South Korea, November 2008.

3 thoughts on “flexible sign board

  1. John Dodds

    Agreed, but can it really be called ecologically sustainable? A combustion engine to make it mobile and some sort of power consumption (maybe LEDs are very effiicent?) would seem to me to have an ecological impact.

  2. Dongseok

    In Korea that I have lived, at least flexible display will make the street more bueatiful. I can agree with your idea. how about flexible film display that can be coated on windows? ;)

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