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putting owner’s mobile number printed on the front window seems to be on its way to become a norm for car owners in korea. and often its not a scribbled note anymore. the parking convention in korean cities does require leaving the contact information on the car, as people may have no alternative in resting your car without blocking other cars’ exit route, for instance.

how private is your mobile phone number? what combination of contexts and other personal information makes it unacceptable to give the number out?


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  2. Rick Choi

    i guess there can be a virtual contact number service for various kinds of privacy mattered daily activity (?), just like the one shown here. masking my own real contact number with a virtual (not real) number for open public in this case. guess i need at least 5 of them for each use in our daily life, including one for parking convention :)

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  4. Keith

    It is a great idea for anyone who has ever been blocked in by another car. I’m sure that the individual leaving their number for people to see (preferably the person they are about to block)is going to be ok with leaving their number but there will probably be the person who wants to call the number just to be annoying.

  5. Rosie

    I live in South Korea and I was confused at first about why people put their numbers in the car window. At our uni everyone uses their business cards. When I left my lights on one day I got a call about 30 minutes later from a Korean letting me know what I’d done!

  6. Cint

    Just got back for a year in Korea and I saw plenty of these. I even saw embroidered cell phone numbers, they looked like samplers.

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