a person of good character?


some of questions included in the work permit application form for UK.
these are easy questions. i am looking forward to looking back my past 10 years to create a comprehensive travel log, as required by the government of the said country.

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  1. David Mery

    (Just found your site via Future Perfect)

    I’m surprised you find these *easy* questions. The three questions you’ve displayed get more and more and vague.

    The first one is likely easy but can be deceptive. It is based on some list of terrorist organisation. The UK has one, the EU has another one and the UN has yet another one. Statewatch has done a good job at monitoring these at http://www.statewatch.org/terrorlists/terrorlists.html

    For the second one, can you be sure that any comment you may have made about a conflict zone or some freedom fighter may not have been misinterpreted by someone in hearing distance? The first part of the question is clear, but “may encourage others”? How can you vouch for others that may not even know?

    The third one is the vaguest. According to whom?

    Obviously in the context most people will interpret these questions in the way most convenient and are likely to answer no to all of them, but the ambiguity is creating stress and is why lawyers such as Gareth Pierce are saying that now in the UK, there are prisoners who don’t understand what they’re accused of and for how long they may remain in jail.

    Most of this comes from Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. For a look at it in a techie context see for example http://gizmonaut.net/bits/profiling.html and for some more frightening aspects of it, see http://gizmonaut.net/blog/uk/english_legal_system_contaminated.html

    It will be interesting to read in a few months how you find England compared to the several countries you’ve recently lived in.

    br -d

  2. Boris Anthony

    David, they are easy questions because you’d have to be a complete moron to answer “yes” to any of them, regardless of whether or not they apply to you. ;)

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