variables in the fieldwork

variables in the fieldwork
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Morning news showed mumbai’s train lines stopped working because of heavy rainfall overnight. We went to check the interviewee schedule for tomorrow, and as expected- her home was flooded so no one could stay in. We postponed our plan with her till her home’d be recovered.

On another note- Having paid my due being sick with food by spending good part of a night throwing up, i quietly moaned when i was offered food during another home interview, which can never be refused. But it turned out to be the best food i had in my entire stay here so far.

The continuing cycle of walking in flooded sewage water and being cleaned up by dettol gently reminds me of the reincarnation of life.

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  1. pepleo

    허걱… 이런 천재지변까지…? 고생 많았네.

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