in the middle of nowhere

in the middle of nowhere
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am in dallas/texas. to be more exact – on the airport property.

the driver explained me briefly that there’s NOThing within 2-3 miles

except a lake and roads for cars and airport warehouses. he mentioned

though – that there’re mcdonalds and dennys somewhere closeby. and a


had to sleep as soon as i arrived at this no-where place,

and woke up to find out that there is really nowhere to go (and eat).

its time to sleep and this is a place where people sleep.

on the positive side – it is an opportunity to meditate, if i can

manage to get away from the connected world.

will spend next 4 days here before making my way to california.

One thought on “in the middle of nowhere

  1. Jan

    Good to see you enjoying the kulture ;)

    Hope you manage to escape to more interesting places.

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