Monthly Archives: August 2004

cleaning up shoes boxes

Photos, name cards, notes, letters, maps- these are the main content of my shoe boxes. Found a bunch of christmas cards (for two years- even hand-made & post stamps!) that were not sent cuz of missing address.yj236.jpg


Back in helsinki last saturday. Since then, the first experience of helsinki summer this year started. Found this guy near a beach, close to my office. Since i followed it around, it went ‘hiding’ under a tree as shown in the picture, tho not really successfully. I wanted to touch its back, but did not dare to after all.yj232.jpg

back in budapest

Last day of the trip. Arrived very early with night train (was not as comfy as before due to rocking romanian railroad and passport control at 3am).Wandering around the city, found the tour of the parliament. Thanks(?) to the competition, unusual building for a parliament- extremely ornamental.yj210.jpg